The Portfolio section is designed to showcase some of the highlights of my career within the library system. Consider this my library “Greatest Hits“! This is by no means a complete history of my work, but rather a chance to demonstrate the different skills and expertise that I bring to the library system. For a complete work history, refer to the résumé/CV section or shoot me an email!


Pokémon Scavenger Hunt, Interactive Display

@ the Bradham & Brooks Branch and Willowbranch Library of the Jacksonville Public Library

I received the Job Well Done Award for the development of this interactive display!

This passive program was designed to encourage patrons to explore the library. I also wanted to give some of the children and teens that do not have access to smartphones the opportunity to have some of the “Pokémon Go” fun! I laminated 20 Pokémon and hid them in different areas around the library. Each Pokémon has a laminated tag with a “key word” on it that the hunters have to mark down on their Pokedex (i.e., Othello, Good eats, Magazines). I created a list, “Pokedex”, to serve as a guide for the scavenger hunt. The Pokedex contains a picture of each Pokémon and most importantly a description which contains clues that will help to find the hidden Pokémon. I designed the clues to make the hunters go to different areas of the library that they may otherwise never go to. Hopefully, this will encourage children to ask questions at the reference desk to help solve the clues. There is a display at the front of the library with the copies of the Pokedex and Pokémon books.

I think that this is a wonderful passive program that can be set up at the branches to encourage more exposure to some of our lesser checked out materials. I encourage you to take these and edit them and set up an awesome scavenger hunt!

Click here to download the Pokedex: Pokedex

Click here to download the name tags: Pokemon name cards

Click here to download the display sign: Pokemon_Sign

Flower Garden, Interactive Display

@ the Main Library – Children’s Library  of the  Jacksonville Public Library

To celebrate the spring, I wanted to create our very own growing flower garden. The display itself features a gang of happy little flowers in rainbow flower pots. Behind them are giant growing vines that are waiting for some colorful flowers to grow!

The children are tasked with finding the seven missing flowers that are hiding throughout the children’s library. Each flower has a word on it that correlates with each letter in the word “Flowers” (Fun, Love, Outdoors, Wish, Enjoy, Sun). The children will have to go around and find the flowers and write down the words that they find. This part of the passive program helps children with letter recognition, word recognition, and basic writing. Once the children find all seven flowers/words, they can color their very own flower to add to the garden. The children will also be able to cut out their flowers which is an important manual precursor to early literacy skills.

I am a huge advocate for interactive displays and passive programming within a children’s library. They allow for a consistent source of fun and learning, and often get tied to library materials which is a win/win for everyone!

Summer Reading Tracker, Interactive Display

@ the Main Library – Children’s Library  of the  Jacksonville Public Library

Each summer during our summer programming, we encourage everyone (yes, adults too!) to keep reading and to keep track of the books that they read. We offer both an online and paper way to track the books that are read over the summer. Once a certain amount of books are read, the children came come in to get prizes and a free book.

Throughout our library system, the Main library and all of the branches were tasked with creating a unique tracker to help keep track of the books that were read by their own respective patrons. I took up the challenge to create the reading tracker for the Children’s Library at our Main Library. Since our summer theme was “Build a Better World”, I decided to create a skyscraper as our reading tracker. I created a ten foot outline of a skyscraper, outfitted with groovy windows, antennas on the roof, and birds and clouds to give it some atmosphere. The idea is that as students come in to claim their prizes for reading, they can put their name and how many books that they have read onto a pre-cut “brick” to add to our skyscraper. As the summer moves along, we should see this outline fill up with plenty of bricks! Happy summer reading, everyone!


Music & Movement Program

@ the Bradham & Brooks Branch of the Jacksonville Public Library

I developed a Music & Movement program for our branch to add to our youth services programming lineup. The program was designed to incorporate music, exercise, and dancing into a pre-literacy focused collection of stories, poems, and songs. Each individual program focused on a specific theme that ranged from vegetables to Star Wars and everything in between.

Each program had some recurring elements, not only because they are awesome and fun, but because children are more prone to participate and remember the information when they have a routine. To start every program, we would warm up our voices by taking turns tossing the song dice:


The dice has the name of a song and a little picture on each side. Whichever song lands face up, we sing! I like doing this as the first activity because it is a great ice breaker and it allows for some extra time for others to show up.

Another reoccurring activity within the Music & Movement program focused on a musical scale and American Sign Language (ASL). For this activity, I would play a scale on my musical bells. Next, we would say “Do, Ra, Mi” for each of the notes on the scale. Then, we would do the corresponding hand signs for each note on the scale. I made this chart to give the kids a visual of the proper hand signs:


In addition to these activities, the program included 2-3 stories relating to the theme of the program, an instrument activity where the kids played assorted percussion instruments along with a song that relates to the theme, and a theme related rhyme utilizing felt cutouts. The kids would help me count the different cutouts during the rhyme. We would take extra time to count them and note their shapes and colors:


Here is a flyer that I created for the program: Music & Movement Flyer

I created a unique handout noting the theme, books, and songs that were used for each program. Here is an example of a handout: Butterflies Program Handout

2016 Summer Learning Program

6 Week Mini-Series: Cook-a-Book!

@ the Bradham & Brooks Branch of the Jacksonville Public Library

Youth services summer programming at the library is a very big deal and the planning process starts almost a year in advance. There are many different aspects to the overall summer programming schedule for the library including storytimes, paid performers, and the all important 6 week mini-series program.

The 6 week mini-series for our branch was called: Cook-a-Book. The idea of this program is to incorporate edible snack crafts into the program theme. Our theme for the youth services Cook-a-Book program was: The Summer Olympic Games. As such, each of the 6 programs was set to a different summer Olympic sport as related to the theme. Our six themes included: The Olympics, Soccer, Weightlifting, Table Tennis, Basketball, and Gold Medals.

The programs themselves included an ice breaker activity, 3 story readings, theme related activities, and the all important edible snack craft. Here are two examples of the edible snack crafts:

This was the “Build a soccer player” craft. The kids built little soccer players out a pack of apple cause, a juice box, two mini boxes of raisins, 2 fruit roll-ups, and a mini chocolate soccer ball.

This was the “Gold medal” craft. The kids built an edible gold medal out of a golden Oreo and some length of “Fruit by the Foot”.

Here are some pictures from the Cook-a-Book program:

Individual Program Samples

@ the Bradham & Brooks Branch of the Jacksonville Public Library

I have created many different types of programs during my time with the library. Many were for my Music & Movement program. Others were for school-age programs throughout the year. Here is a sample of some of the programs that I created. Please feel free to use, edit, and share these programs as needed:

School Age Program – Rocket Fun!

School Age Program – Chinese Hand Drum

School Age Program – Youth Open Mic

School Age Program – Herb Garden

Music & Movement Program – Bears!

Music & Movement Program – Fish!


Duval County Public Schools Art Reception – May 2016

@ The Bradham & Brooks Branch of the Jacksonville Public Library

This was a great event to showcase our partnership with the Duval County Public School system and to showcase artwork by local elementary and middle school children. There were pillars erected that displayed the children’s artwork on all sides:

To make this event special for the young artists, I set up a section in the middle of the artwork with snacks and acknowledgements for the art and artists. I put out ginger ale in small wine glasses, and cut up some pastries to make the event feel fancy:

Duval County Public School System – School Celebrations – April-June 2016

@ The Bradham & Brooks Branch of the Jacksonville Public Library

As part of our continued partnership with the Duval County Public School System, we offered each elementary school in our branch’s area the opportunity to come out to the library for a “School Celebration”. The idea was to have have local students, faculty, administration, and parents come out to the library for an evening dedicated to their respective schools. Each school had their own individual celebration. Our branch delivered 12 awesome celebrations.

The events included a scavenger hunt, library tour, arts and crafts, snacks and refreshments, librarian meet-and-greet, drawings for prizes including free books, music, and a storytime session. These celebrations helped to bring our local school and library communities together, ultimately to the benefit of the school aged children! Here are some pictures from some of the celebrations:

Jacksonville Public Library Staff Association Talent Showcase – August 2016 

@ The Main Branch of the Jacksonville Public Library

Salinas Public Library 100th Birthday Bash – September 2009

@ The Salinas Public Library System in Salinas, CA

Family Literacy Night – October 2009

@ The Alisal Union School District & The Salinas Public Library System in Salinas, CA