Meet Mr. Anthony



My name is Anthony James Baltiero, but I am more commonly known as the one and only Mr. Anthony! When I’m not out defending the universe from supervillains and unsavory intergalactic warlords of all shapes and sizes, I am a Youth Services Library Associate at the Jacksonville Public Library, located in the “Bold New City of the South” Jacksonville, Florida.

The purpose of this little internet superhighway stop off is to provide me with an outlet to showcase all of the wonderful things that we are doing at the Jacksonville Public Library. This site also acts as a digital portfolio for all of the crafts, programs, outreaches, events, displays and all other forms of awesomeness that I have developed, or been a part of, during my tenure with the library.

The blog will hopefully be a valuable resource for other Youth Services library folk all across the globe. Anything that is posted on the blog is free to be used, edited, retooled, and re-crafted by anyone that finds the information useful. Sharing our ideas allows for a collaborative working environment that all library staff can benefit from.

Outside of living the #LibraryLife and saving the universe, I am a college professor, a linguist and a musician. My hobbies/interests include cooking, studying the Italian, Spanish, and French languages & cultures (with a little Polish in there too), supporting my favorite football (soccer) club: Arsenal, supporting my favorite baseball team: The Phillies, and having my son teach me all about the inner workings of Minecraft!

If you have any questions, concerns, comments, suggestions, or random pointless thoughts; please refer to the Contact tab and shoot me an email! May the force be with you! Live long and prosper! Nanu Nanu!


Mr. Anthony