Summer Programming Closing Party

At the end of our summer programming, we like to throw a party for all of the kids that came out and participated in all of our wonderful summer awesomeness! With this year’s theme being “Build a better World” and our department’s focus on collaborative art, we decided to make the summer closing party second as an art exhibition to showcase the collaborative art created by the kids over the summer. Each artist that showed up got to wear a laminated badge indicating that they are one of the summer artists that created the work in the exhibit. To go along with the art exhibit, we set up multiple stations for the visitors to experience and have fun with. We had two texture tables, magnetic blocks, matching games, puzzles, hopscotch, beanbag tic-tac-toe, and more. There were snacks and music to make the event special. Even our 30 foot alligator couch was in the festive spirit with a decorative party hat! We had over 80 visitors during our hour long party. I love these events because they allow us to interact with our patrons and thank them for all of their support and for coming out to our programs! Check out some of these collaborative art exhibits! Too cool!


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