Summer Reading Tracker! (Interactive Display)

Each summer during our summer programming, we encourage everyone (yes, adults too!) to keep reading and to keep track of the books that they read. We offer both an online and paper way to track the books that are read over the summer. Once a certain amount of books are read, the children came come in to get prizes and a free book.

Throughout our library system, the Main library and all of the branches were tasked with creating a unique tracker to help keep track of the books that were read by their own respective patrons. I took up the challenge to create the reading tracker for the Children’s Library at our Main Library. Since our summer theme was “Build a Better World”, I decided to create a skyscraper as our reading tracker. I created a ten foot outline of a skyscraper, outfitted with groovy windows, antennas on the roof, and birds and clouds to give it some atmosphere. The idea is that as students come in to claim their prizes for reading, they can put their name and how many books that they have read onto a pre-cut “brick” to add to our skyscraper. As the summer moves along, we should see this outline fill up with plenty of bricks! Happy summer reading, everyone!


2 thoughts on “Summer Reading Tracker! (Interactive Display)

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