Jax Book Fest 2017

Wow! Wow! Wow! I’m trying not to geek out too much. We are just wrapping up the first ever Jax Book Fest. The event brought in over 150 authors and over 3,600 guests! The event took place throughout the entire library, but I only was able to snap photos from the festivities that took place in our wonderful children’s department. The highlight of the event were presentations by three of my favorite children’s authors/illustrators: Karen Beaumont, David Catrow, and Ethan Long… yes, you are reading that correctly, they were ALL here! If you don’t know those names, look up their books and you will be like, “…oh wow! They did all of these books?!?!?! This one is my favorite!!!”

Each of the three held separate presentations where they discussed everything from their inspirations, writing/drawing techniques, and answered all sorts of questions. They each stayed around after their presentations to sign autographs and chat with their loving fans. Additionally, the Jacksonville Zoo came out and brought a few wild friends for us to learn about including: a tortoise, an alligator, and an armadillo! We even had an awesome face-painting clown to add to the awesomeness.




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