Map Artwork Craft

This is a wonderful craft to use when reading/learning about maps, map-making, and atlases. It requires very little prep work and it is a fun way for the young ones to express themselves through artwork.

To start, I provided the kids with multiple printouts of different types of maps and atlases. The goal is to have the kids cut out and use parts of the maps as a collage. There are no real limits to this, unless you want to add some on. The kids cut out the different map parts and glued them to multicolored foam board. To reinforce them, we glued the foam board onto a piece of cardboard.

The kids were then free to decorate their artwork however they wanted to using crayons and markers. This is a great way to introduce collage artwork! Check out some of the finished work. I particularly like the one of the USA split in half, blowing up!


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