George Crum & The Invention of the Potato Chip (Program)

For today’s early release day program, we focused on the chef and inventor of the potato chip, George Crum. As part of our Black History Month programming, we included this program to showcase some inventions created by black Americans… and to eat a bunch of chips!

To start, we read some information about George Crum and how he invented the potato chip. After we introduced the topic and discussed what we love about potato chips, we continued on with a potato chip blind taste test.

I set out six different types of potato chips. They each were a totally different flavor. The children had the opportunity to go around and try each chip. They were given a piece of paper to mark down what they thought about each chip. First, they guessed the flavor then noted if they enjoyed the chip by marking one of the following: loved it, liked it, was okay, didn’t like it, or hated it.

After everyone tried the chips, we compared the answers to determine which was the most popular chip… believe it or not, BBQ chips win by a landslide every time! This is a fun way to incorporate some snacking into your programming.


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