Read 66 Display 

The Jacksonville Public Library is conducting an awesome program to promote developing a healthy reading habit! The program is called Read 66. The idea is very simple. There is research that shows that if you read for 15 minutes a day for 66 consecutive days, you will develop a healthy reading habit. Our Read 66 program starts on January 1st and culminates 66 days later at our Jax Book Fest, a library book festival featuring famous authors, poets, and more! During the program, readers keep track of everyday that they read for at least 15 minutes and come in on certain days (day 21 and 42) to pick up some prizes. On the 66th day each reader will get a free book!

You may recognize the bricks from my Holiday Fireplace Display (Final Update!). What can I say, I’m a sucker for recycling awesomeness! Our whole Read 66 theme plays off of the legendary highway, Route 66! As such, the display features route 66 signage and a drawn on roadway. The simple display is rounded off with books about developing reading skills and information flyers about the Read 66 program!


2 thoughts on “Read 66 Display 

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