Brown Bag Owl Craft

Whooooooooooo is excited for this awesome Owl craft (see what I did there)! Second only to paper plate crafts, brown paper bag crafts are the bee’s knees and always turn out awesome! This is a super easy craft that only requires a  bit of cutting prep.

Here’s what you need:

  • Brown Paper Bags
  • Construction paper: Brown, Orange, Black, and White (Regular paper is fine for white)
  • Glue Sticks
  • Black washable markers
  • Scissors (for prep)

This is essentially an arranging and assembling craft. You will be doing all of the cut work prior to your program. To prep, each owl needs (See pictures for rough dimensions):

  • 2 White round eyes
  • 2 Black circle pupils
  • 2 Brown triangle ears
  • 2 Orange feet
  • 1 Orange beak
  • 1 Brown oval belly

Once everything is cut and prepped, give each child the aforementioned owl parts, a brown paper bag, black marker, and glue stick. Make sure that the children have the bags facing the right direction prior to gluing. The bag will eventually be a hand puppet, so you want the bag’s “flap” to be facing up. You want to glue the eyes and beak onto the”flap” part so that when their hand is inside they can open the mouth somewhat. First, glue on the white eyes to the flap part of the bag. Leave about a half of an inch unglued at the bottom so that you can slide the beak underneath (see picture for reference). Next, glue the black pupils onto the white eyes. Next, carefully glue just the top portion of the beak to the flap part of the bag slightly under the eyes. Do not glue the part of the beak that hangs over the flap down onto the rest of the bag or the mouth will not open when finished. Next, glue down the belly onto the bulk section of the bag. Then, glue on the feet. Last, glue on the ears to the top of the flap. As for a finishing touch, draw a smaller triangle in each ear and a couple of lines on the feet to make claws (See pictures). Yay, we made owls! That was a hooooooooot (I did it again).

This craft goes great with:

  • Owl Boy by Brian Schatell
  • Night Owl by Toni Yuly

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