Weird Science Program

Today was our Weird Science program. The goal was to showcase some awesome science experiments that the children could do at home or for their science fairs at school. We started the program by reviewing the different books and types of science experiments that we planned on covering. After the review, we went around to each experiment station and tried them out. The stations were as follows:

  • Spider Web – showing how web spiders catch their food
  • Pepper on Water – showing how soap can impact water density
  • No Leak Bag – showing how the properties of plastic and water prevent a leak
  • Mirror Writing – showing how we can write backwards when looking in a mirror
  • VOLCANO! Awesome erupting vinegar/baking soda volcano!

We had a lot of fun nerding out over the science experiments. Hopefully, the kids will go and share the awesomeness of science with their friends!


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