Fall Leaf Wreath – Craft

With Autumn here, and Halloween and Thanksgiving right around the corner, I like to start on our Autumn themed crafts and activities. To start, we created a fall colored leaf wreath (say that 5 times real fast!). This is an easy craft that showcases some fall colors and that looks great hanging up!

Here’s what you need:

  • Paper plates
  • Die cut leaves or hand cut
  • Glue sticks

This is a very straight forward craft that requires just a bit of prep work. To start, cut out a whole mess of leaves. I used construction paper, but you can use whatever is available. I used orange, yellow, red, and brown. Next, poke your scissors through the center ring of the paper plate and cut out the flat center circle leaving only the outer ridged ring. Be sure to keep the ring in one solid piece. Finally, arrange and glue the leaves to the inside of the ring to create the wreath. How cute and easy is that?!

This craft goes great with:

  • Autumn Leaves by Ken Robbins
  • Fall Leaves Fall! by Zoe Hall

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