Pokémon Scavenger Hunt, Display (Passive Program)

I’m excited to finally launch our Pokémon scavenger hunt at my branch! This passive program was designed to encourage patrons to explore the library. I also wanted to give some of the children and teens that do not have access to smartphones the opportunity to have some of the “Pokémon Go” fun! I laminated 20 Pokémon and hid them in different areas around the library. Each Pokémon has a laminated tag with a “key word” on it that the hunters have to mark down on their Pokedex (i.e., Othello, Good eats, Magazines). I created a list, “Pokedex”, to serve as a guide for the scavenger hunt. The Pokedex contains a picture of each Pokémon and most importantly a description which contains clues that will help to find the hidden Pokémon. I designed the clues to make the hunters go to different areas of the library that they may otherwise never go to. Hopefully, this will encourage children to ask questions at the reference desk to help solve the clues. There is a display at the front of the library with the copies of the Pokedex and Pokémon books.

I think that this is a wonderful passive program that can be set up at the branches to encourage more exposure to some of our lesser checked out materials. I encourage you to take these and edit them and set up an awesome scavenger hunt! Please let me know if you want any help setting up a scavenger hunt! Gotta catch ‘em all!

Click here to download the Pokedex: Pokedex

Click here to download the name tags: Pokemon name cards

Click here to download the display sign: Pokemon_Sign


3 thoughts on “Pokémon Scavenger Hunt, Display (Passive Program)

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