Tabling Outreach

A huge part of living the #LibraryLife is staying connected with the community. A great way of doing this is by going out and doing “Tabling Outreaches”. Basically, we are promoting our awesome services and letting people know that we are here!

The above pictures are from two outreaches that I did this week. They both were for back to school open houses for two of our local schools. It is nice to be able to meet the students and let them know all of the awesome things that we do at the library that will help them academically. It is good for the public to meet their local library staff. For one of these outreaches, I brought my sidekick and partner-in-awesomeness, Miss Sheenae!

Our tables typically consist of flyers promoting our services for youth, teens, adults, library card applications, branch hours, book marks, give away books, and little prizes for the kids. We always have a good time at these events.

It is during this time of the year, when library summer programs are ending and school is about to start, that the following meme perfectly sums up the way that everybody is feeling:



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