Simple Sheep Craft

WHAT?!?! NO PAPER PLATES!?! Every once in a while, we find ourselves in need of a simple craft. This is a super super easy craft that is perfect for large groups, younger groups, or in a passive craft program (left on a table, minimal supervision). I love using colored cotton balls and the kids like to mix and match the different colors!

Here’s what you need:

  • Printouts of sheep
  • Colored cotton balls
  • Glue

This craft is as straightforward as it gets! It is an easy “set it and forget it” type of craft. Despite the simplicity, the kids love making their sheep! There’s no mystery here. The kids simply have to glue the cotton balls onto the sheep. I find it better to design and lay out the cotton balls first, then glue them down. However, kids can just wing it and go cotton ball crazy. OH CRAP?!?! IT IS THE LAST MINUTE AND I HAVE NO CRAFT! Fear not, this is the craft for you!

This craft goes great with:

  • Little Baa by Kim Lewis
  • The Strange Case of the Missing Sheep by Mircea Catusanu

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