Real life Pac-Man – Activity

This is a great activity that we used for teens during our summer programming! Our teen summer theme was “Game On!” which included real life and life sized versions of popular board and video games. This real life Pac-Man game was a lot of fun to build and the teens had a blast playing it!

This activity is 99% prep work. The hardest part, by far, is laying down your grid. We went with using tape as our grid markers. I based the outline loosely from the video game. Once you get your grid laid out, you can lay down your paper plates (or Styrofoam) to act as the “pills” that Pac-Man eats up. This is all that there is to do for the playing field… it just takes a while to lay it out. Additionally, we had printed on card stock 5 ghosts from the original game and a cut out of Pac-Man himself.

Here’s how we played the game. We had two teams of 5. Each team takes turn navigating the course. The team that is NOT navigating the course goes around and hides a ghost under one of the pills. Obviously, the team doing the navigating should look away during the hiding of the ghosts. Once all 5 ghosts are hidden, the navigating team takes turns being Pac-Man. The first teen can start wherever they want. They start going, picking up plates as they go over them. Like the game, they can only go in a straight line and can’t jump around. Once the Pac-Man picks up a plate that is covering a ghost, they are out and the next member of the team goes, picking up from where the previous teen left off. The team keeps going until they are all knocked out by ghosts. Once all 5 members of the team are out, they count the total number of plates that they collected, reset the course, and hide the ghosts for the other team. The next team goes follow the same procedure  as the first team. The team with the most plates at the end, wins!

…To make it even more fun, I played the original Pac-Man video game theme song from my phone while the teens navigated the course!


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