Italy Display – July / August 2016

I am a sucker for culture, particularly Italian culture. So when I was asked to create a display focusing on Italy, I jumped at the opportunity! Our branch does not have a particularly large collection of Italian related books. Frankly, we don’t have many at all. Nevertheless, I used this seeming disadvantage as motivation, as a challenge!

I named the display “Discover Italy”. While digging through the stacks, I was surprised at the amount of Italian material that I had found. There wasn’t too much in any specific genre, but there were one or two selections from many different genres. As such, the display included books on Italian history, art, poetry, language & language learning, DVDs, and most importantly… COOKBOOKS!

The cookbooks inspired me to make the focal point of the display a mock Italian dinner table, fully loaded with pictures of delicious looking Italian dishes. With Italian flags and the Italian colors strewn throughout, the display brings a bit of the old country to the north side of Jacksonville!

…Dang, now I’m hungry!


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