Minecraft Display – July / August 2016

I had recently received a nice sized shipment of Minecraft fiction books and decided to make an awesome Minecraft display to show them off! My son is so proud of me! I made a life-sized “Creeper” head to top off the display. The head is simply a square cardboard box that I taped closed. I found a large picture of a creeper face on the world wide web and printed it out. I taped it to the box and realized that this might actually turn out alright. Using the same image that I used as the face, I cut and copied full sheets of… well… Creeper skin and printed out a bunch. I cut them out, lined them up and taped them around the box. The finished result is simply awesome! My son can’t wait until September when I take down the display so that he can claim the Creeper head.

Additionally, I printed out character/item cards with information about each provided on the card and lined them around the top of the display. With the addition of some Minecraft images around the bottom, kids’ minds have been officially blown!


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