Sing Along! by Caspar Babypants – Music


A program is only as good as the music that you play! That’s not true, but music makes a significant difference in the effectiveness of my programs. My primary program here at the branch is a “Music and Movement” program. We explore different types of music and instruments as part of the program. Early on, I discovered the wonder that is Caspar Babypants. As most of my fellow Youth Services folks already know, kids music tends to be… well… terrible. Caspar Babypants is anything but! He is awesome. I’ve loved Chris Ballew’s music since his time with the ever-awesome 90’s alternative rock gods, The Presidents of the United States of America! He is a master of catchy-ness!

I’ve had the vocal outro of ‘Peaches’ stuck in my head since 1996… “Millions of peaches…”

This album, Sing Along!, is full of wildly catchy tunes that are perfect for dancing to, shaking shakers with, or in the background during craft time. I can’t stress enough how happy I am that I have kid’s music that is actually good. If you haven’t yet, do yourself the favor and check out Caspar Babypants material! He even does The Beatles!

“…peaches for free… Look out!”



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